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The technologies, architectures, and practices needed to manage data as a critical enterprise asset. It is a broad field, within which there are specialized disciplines.

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  • Improve Your Organization’s Analytics With Third-Party Data

    Answering new questions often requires new data sources. We’ll explain how and why external data sources can enrich and improve analytics and predictive models. Learn about data marketplaces and why they are valuable, plus we discuss technologies for improving data sourcing and analytics. July 28, 2020 view now

  • Data Management for Advanced Analytics

    Learn about the business and technology trends and business use cases driving the need for data management for advanced analytics. We’ll examine benefits and barriers, plus how these affect user planning and tool choice as well as tool and platform requirements for common use cases. July 27, 2020 view now

  • How to Mitigate Analytics Risk and Complexity in a Rapidly Evolving Data Landscape

    A modern architecture is often a mix of data warehouses and lakes, both on premises and in one or more clouds. Join a lively conversation between TDWI’s Fern Halper and Looker’s Joel McKelvy as they discuss what it takes to succeed in analytics in a constantly changing data landscape. July 13, 2020 view now

  • Succeeding with a Modern Cloud Data Architecture

    Learn what a modern cloud data architecture is, how it provides ready-for-query data for advanced analytics, and why putting most data in a single cloud data architecture enables and simplifies data integration, quality, low latency, compliance, data curation, and trust. July 1, 2020 view now

  • Accelerate Time to Value with Enterprise Data Preparation

    Self-service is critical for user agility, but users’ satisfaction can be improved by deploying modern enterprise data preparation and enterprise data catalogs. This webinar will cover eight essential steps for a successful strategy that can accelerate time to value and increase data trust. June 24, 2020 view now

  • Preparing for the Cloud Data Platform

    Learn how to successfully use cloud data platforms. We’ll define the options and explore the relationships among cloud providers, multicloud, cloud data platforms, cloud data warehouses, and cloud data lakes and the real-world use cases and infrastructure roles for cloud data platforms. June 23, 2020 view now

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  • Conference TDWI Orlando Conference Renaissance Orlando at Seaworld

    November 8–13, 2020
    Super Early Bird Ends Sept 11

    Plan for the future of data and analytics and head to Orlando for a week of sunshine in November. This conference features forward-thinking trends in the industry with hands-on training in data lakes, multi-platform data architecture, self-service analytics, and data virtualization.