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  • Maturing Your Organization’s Information Risk Management Strategy

    Learn about the different levels of information risk and a data governance maturity model and discuss how different business factors drive different needs and capabilities at each stage of the cycle. March 30, 2021 view now

  • Five Strategies for Driving Data Agility, Quality, and Governance

    Join this TDWI Webinar to discover how to enhance data agility and user empowerment on a scalable, governed, and integrated data platform capable of meeting priorities for data quality and governance. March 23, 2021 view now

  • Cloud Data Warehousing Straight Talk

    In this webinar we will explore the different corporate personas about cloud data warehouse architectural paradigms and provide some "straight talk" about the current state of the art in data warehousing. March 11, 2021 view now

  • Using Advanced Data Lineage to Improve Hybrid BI Environments

    Join this TDWI Webinar to learn how you can take advantage of technology trends toward smarter and more automated metadata management and data lineage visibility to increase users' trust and confidence in the data, speed data migration, and meet governance requirements. January 26, 2021 view now

  • Data Security and Governance in the Age of the Data Cloud

    This TDWI webinar will canvass the current state of data security and related data governance practices, then drill into what successful organizations are doing to keep their cloud data secure and compliant. January 21, 2021 view now

  • Modern Data Governance

    This webinar is based on the new TDWI Best Practices Report: Modern Data Governance. The webinar will hit the highlights of that report and discuss business and technology drivers, key challenges and best practices, and tech that supports data and analytics governance (such as data catalogs and metadata management). January 13, 2021 view now

Team Training

  • TDWI Data Governance Principles and Practices: Managing Data as an Asset

    Data is a critical resource for every organization. We depend on data every day to keep records, produce reports, deliver information, monitor performance, make decisions, and much more. The data resource is on par with financial and human resources as a core component of doing business, yet data management practices are often quite casual and unstructured. more

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  • TDWI Data Governance Innovations

    Designed to take on the important topic of governing data within the fast-moving environment we live in today with the considerable changes in the environment that are forcing us to change our thinking about Data Governance and adapt. more

  • TDWI Data Governance Fundamentals

    Provides the necessary knowledge to help you scope, design and implement an effective program in your organization. more

  • TDWI Data Governance Basics

    This one hour self-paced online course explains key concepts, roles, and benefits of a data governance program. more