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  • Requirements of the Truly Modern Data and Analytics Cloud Stack

    Join TDWI’s VP of Research, Fern Halper, as she hosts a lively panel discussion with team members from Fivetran, Snowflake, and ThoughtSpot about the truly modern data and analytics cloud stack. August 18, 2021 view now

  • Emerging Innovations: What’s Hot and New in Cloud Data Warehousing

    In this panel discussion, we begin with an overview of what your organization should look for when considering cloud data warehouse options, specifically in relation to identifying who your data consumers are, how you will use key aspects of cloud data warehousing, and the best ways to address data consumer needs. This will be followed by a panel discussion about differentiators in cloud data warehouses supported by cloud data warehouse use cases. August 17, 2021 view now

  • How Cloud Data Can Generate Fresh Revenue

    Join TDWI's senior research director James Kobielus to explore how businesses are generating fresh revenues by leveraging data they acquire or provide through cloud-based marketplaces. July 21, 2021 view now

  • Closing the Governance Gap: Enabling Governed Self-Service Analytics

    This webinar is a must for personnel with an analytics and technology mandate to learn about the root causes of this governance gap and consider ideas for closing the gap. July 15, 2021 view now

  • Six Ways to Accelerate ROI from Data Warehouse and Data Lake Modernization

    Join this TDWI webinar to learn six ways to accelerate ROI from data warehouse and data lake modernization. Big factors driving modernization are intelligent data integration and management using artificial intelligence (AI) capabilities and cloud-native serverless computing. We will discuss how AI-infused, serverless cloud computing enables organizations to improve scalability, agility, and performance with data warehouses and data lakes. June 29, 2021 view now

  • Bring Your Analytics Investments into the Cloud-Native World

    Join TDWI's senior research director James Kobielus to learn how to improve the reach, performance, and sophistication of enterprise AI, machine learning, and other data analytics applications by refactoring them as cloud-native, containerized microservices. June 25, 2021 view now

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  • Data Warehousing in the Cloud

    Join us to discuss this new landscape, a revised approach to building it, and how to tap into its flexibilities to scale up and scale out for machine learning and data science. We will discuss this new system and the new data architecture approach and thinking that it requires. more

  • Introduction to Cloud Databases

    Cloud computing databases are extremely popular for reducing IT complexities and operational costs. They avoid the hassle of licensing, traditional procurement, maintenance and installation involving huge number of IT staff. more

  • Developing Your Cloud Data Architecture

    Day one of this seminar begins with a view of relevant business initiatives and how to translate them into analytics capabilities and priorities. This provides the drivers for an enterprise data and analytics framework that addresses an organization’s maturity and gaps. The day continues with unbiased essential technology primers on cloud environments and database technologies for analytics and a logical reference architecture that includes data lakes, data warehouses, data hubs, analytics sandboxes, and data science platforms. more

  • Building an Actionable Roadmap for the Cloud

    Devising a cloud architecture roadmap is specific to every organization and influenced by a set of guiding agile architecture principles, and when done properly the result is an actionable roadmap of minimum viable projects that is compelling for business sponsorship and support. more

  • Cloud Migration Workshop: A Surgical Approach for Maximum ROI

    Moving enterprise applications and analytics to the Cloud more

  • Cloud Migration Workshop: A Surgical Approach for Maximum ROI

    Moving enterprise applications and analytics to the Cloud more