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TDWI Data Modeling Essentials Seminar

Steve Dine

Managing Partner and Founder

Datasource Consulting, LLC.

Steve Dine is the president of Datasource Consulting, an EXL company. He has extensive experience designing, delivering, and managing successful, highly scalable, and maintainable modern data architecture solutions. Steve combines hands-on technical experience with a strong business acumen. He has experience across numerous industries including healthcare, manufacturing, financial services, life sciences, and retail. Steve is the former director of global data warehousing for a major durable medical equipment manufacturing company and currently works as a consultant for Fortune 500 companies. Steve is a TDWI faculty member and a judge for the Annual TDWI Best Practices Awards. He teaches courses and presents on the topics of modern data architecture, BI in the cloud, lean BI, and enabling BI for the 21st century. Steve earned his bachelor's degree from the University of Vermont and a MBA from the University of Colorado at Boulder.

For more information or to contact Steve, he can be reached via email, Web or Twitter at the following addresses:
Twitter: @steve_dine

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