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Contributor: Steve Swoyer

Stephen Swoyer is a technology writer with more than 16 years of experience. His writing has focused on business intelligence, data warehousing, and analytics for almost a decade. He’s particularly intrigued by the thorny people and process problems most BI and DW vendors almost never want to acknowledge, let alone talk about.


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At re:Invent, Amazon Enhances AWS Yet Again

At the re:Invent conference, Amazon announced a slew of new products, services, and features, including a technology for querying against its S3 storage service and a new AI framework.

Toppling the MDM Project Monolith with Agile Methods

Couldn't master data management practitioners tackle MDM as a series of small iterative projects like agile coders would? Instead of enterprisewide efforts, why not start with pragmatic projects that deliver immediate value?

Beer and Diapers: The Impossible Correlation

At TDWI's recent Executive Summit, Mark Madsen asked: is there a statistically significant correlation between sales of beer and sales of diapers or has the correlation been misused.

Machine Learning Is Bringing More Intelligent Things

According to Gartner, AI and new machine learning techniques will enable a new class of intelligent apps and intelligent things -- along with the emergence of so-called digital twins.

Data Engineers Suddenly Very Much In Demand

What does it take to be a data engineer? A background in software engineering doesn't hurt. Although the number of data engineers doubled from 2013 to 2015, that growth rate far outstripped that of data scientists.

It's Official: Metadata Management Is a Strategic Problem

Gartner recently published its first-ever "Magic Quadrant for Metadata Management Solutions". Managing metadata isn't a new problem but it has certainly become a strategic one.

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