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Contributor: Steve Swoyer

Stephen Swoyer is a technology writer with more than 16 years of experience. His writing has focused on business intelligence, data warehousing, and analytics for almost a decade. He’s particularly intrigued by the thorny people and process problems most BI and DW vendors almost never want to acknowledge, let alone talk about.


All articles by Steve Swoyer

An Introduction to Data Wrangling

What is data wrangling and why does it matter? Think of it as data preparation taken to the next level. To learn more, we turned to data-wrangling upstart Trifacta.

Apache Spark: The Next Big Thing

What is Spark and why should consumers of BI and business analytics care about it?

The BI Year That Was: 2014

The year that was 2014 was a transitional year in business intelligence and data management, with vendors emphasizing data visualization, storytelling, databases, Spark, and intriguing inventions.

Teradata's QueryGrid Comes into Focus

Teradata debuts key deliverables in its QueryGrid initiative.

Analysis: Is OLTP and DW on the Same Platform Such a Good Idea?

Is the notion of a combined platform for OLTP and data warehousing an idea whose time has come?

Alpine Enables Predictive Analytics for the Rest of Us

Chorus from Alpine Data Labs is a predictive analytics tool designed for data scientists and business analysts. With its new Chorus 5.0 release, Alpine says it's reaching out to not-so-techie consumers, too.

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