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Contributor: Steve Swoyer

Stephen Swoyer is a technology writer with more than 16 years of experience. His writing has focused on business intelligence, data warehousing, and analytics for almost a decade. He’s particularly intrigued by the thorny people and process problems most BI and DW vendors almost never want to acknowledge, let alone talk about.


All articles by Steve Swoyer

The Wearable Revolution

We've been treating wearable BI as a someday-maybe thing rather than a soon and inevitable reality, but the wearable revolution is upon us.

New Tool Tackles Analytics of Your Competitor's Social Media

Social media analytics is an incredibly powerful tool for marketing. Believing that is easy. Making good on it is something else entirely.

Tableau Delivers Native Android App

The wait is over: Tableau for Android is here. Tableau has delivered a native app optimized for Google's Android mobile operating system.

Big Data Value Is Out There -- Somewhere

More than half of organizations aren't getting much -- if any -- value from their investments in big data-related technologies. The good news is that most of them believe this will change.

WebFOCUS, Now Even More Self-Serviceable!

IBI might not be the first vendor you'd associate with self-service; it's a 40-year-old company, after all. Surprisingly, self-service isn't anything new for the folks at Information Builders.

Analysis: Scaling SAP HANA in the Cloud

If any workload can make the most out of lots of processing power and RAM, it's SAP's HANA, an in-memory database. Will HANA's performance characteristics translate to a cloud VM?

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