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Contributor: James Powell

James E. Powell is the editorial director of and for the TDWI Business Intelligence Journal and the TDWI BI This Week newsletter.


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Five Minutes with a Chief Architect: Claus Jepsen of Unit4

Yes, we know you probably hate math and statistics. Deal with it -- if you want to be a top notch data scientist, that is.

What Makes the Small and Midsize BI Market Tick?

The appetite for certain kinds of BI technologies might be cooling -- at least among small and midsize enterprises that have found something better in open source software and cloud offerings.

5 Minutes with an Analyst: Roger Torrents of Softonic

Analytics can have its downsides, such as when your users see results and don't like them.

5 Minutes with an Analyst: Stacy Caprio of TimePayment Corp.

Analysts must test, test, and retest. Stacy Caprio of TimePayment Corp. and Accelerated Growth Marketing explains the role of an analyst and how she works.

5 Minutes with a Data Scientist: Shujia Zhang of SafetyCulture

In search of more practical insights from a working data scientist, Upside spoke recently with Shujia Zhang from SafetyCulture, a start-up that is using analytics to enable safe workplaces.

5 Minutes with a Digital Marketer: Maneesh Sharma of BlueCube Network

Stay focused, be patient, and prepare for the advance of data science.

5 Minutes with an Analyst: Steve Hunt of DB Networks

Steve Hunt is president and COO of DB Networks, a database cybersecurity provider. He spoke with Upside recently about his current work.

5 Minutes with an Analyst: Russab Ali of SMC Digital Marketing

Many enterprises are leveraging data analytics to increase customer engagement or track marketing campaigns. Russab Ali, a founder of a data-driven digital marketing agency, spoke with Upside recently about this work.

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