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Transforming Data Governance: A Preview of the TDWI Modern Data Leader's Summit

TDWI offers a preview of the 5 steps to data governance success, a focal point of TDWI’s Modern Data Leader’s Summit in San Diego, August 4-9.

As organizations navigate the AI landscape and face the challenges of complex data management, agile and forward-thinking data governance strategies are more crucial than ever. The TDWI Modern Data Leader’s Summit 2024, hosted in San Diego from August 5–7, provides a strategic road map for data and business leaders to build a modern data governance strategy which is key to successful data management and AI. The following preview will help you understand what the Summit offers and what you can expect from attending.

5 Steps to Data Governance Success

Summit sessions are structured around a comprehensive five-part data governance journey: strategize, implement, change, measure, and evolve.

Each session is designed to enhance your understanding, tackle your challenges, and optimize your strategies for succeeding with modern data governance.

Step 1: Strong strategies start with solid foundations and proven frameworks

Begin your journey with "Data Governance Strategy: Identifying Goals and Priorities" led by industry expert Evan Levy, who will dive deep into establishing a robust data governance strategy by identifying clear goals and priorities. This session will equip you with the tools to assess your strengths, identify needs, and effectively prioritize your organizational goals.

Dipanjan Nag of Juniper Networks will provide a case study on "Customer Data Strategies for Governance Success: Lessons from Diverse Companies" to share insights about developing a tailored customer data strategy utilizing a comprehensive framework that includes master data management, data privacy, and cross-functional collaboration.

Step 2: Understand how implementing new frameworks and new technologies can accelerate success

The event also features several "Expert Best Practices" sessions, where you can learn about implementing data governance frameworks. Notably, Kristen Sauter’s case study gives attendees opportunities to learn through case studies detailing how data governance leaders overcame challenges, met objectives, and delivered business value.  Richard Hines, of Suncor, will offer practical advice about how various data governance approaches were (or were not) successful. Theresa Ancick, from Accura Business Services, will provide tips for launching and improving data governance programs.

The "Tech in Action" sessions unveil the latest software capabilities essential for data and AI governance. These hands-on presentations showcase real-world applications and innovations that can revolutionize how your organization handles data.

Step 3: Plan for change

Lead your team through change with confidence with the insights gained from C. Lwanga Yonke’s session on "Leading Change: An Essential Skill for Data Governance Leaders." Learn the complexities of data governance projects and the importance of addressing personal transitions during change. Gain practical strategies and a renewed ability to lead your team through successful transitions.

Step 4: Establish metrics that align with business goals

After learning the ins and outs of modern data governance strategies and their implementation, it’s imperative to establish metrics for tracking your success and to drive better decision-making. In Laura Madsen’s interactive workshop on "Establishing Effective Data Governance Metrics" you'll develop a tailored metric framework that aligns with your organizational goals and drives continuous improvement in data management practices.

Step 5: Prepare for the road ahead

Stay ahead of the competition with insights into leveraging the current AI advances to future-proof your data governance practices. Kimberly Sever’s session entitled "Maximizing AI Value Through Strategic Data Governance" and TDWI VP of Research Fern Halper’s session "Responsible AI: Trends, Challenges, and Opportunities" are critical for adapting to the rapidly evolving AI landscape.

These sessions provide the frameworks and best practices you need to thrive in the age of responsible governance and ethical AI.

The Summit Experience: A Comprehensive Agenda Tailored for Leaders

The Modern Data Leader's Summit provides a detailed 2.5-day agenda specifically designed for professionals at the forefront of data management and strategy. This event is not just about understanding the current state of data governance but also about shaping the future of how data is leveraged across industries.

Networking is highly encouraged; attendees can engage directly with analysts, speakers, instructors, pioneers, and fellow participants -- interaction that fosters a rich exchange of ideas and experiences enhancing learning and opening doors to professional opportunities.

Sessions also focus on:

  • Leadership tools and resources: Discover the latest methodologies and strategies insights to lead data governance initiatives effectively.
  • Real-world applications: Learn from detailed case studies and real-life implementations of data governance across technical and business landscapes.

Bring two or more colleagues to the summit and take advantage of special group pricing and team-building activities. These sessions are ideal for strengthening team dynamics, aligning data governance strategies, and fostering a shared understanding of best practices in a collaborative environment.

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